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We have a reputation to maintain, we do understand how delicate fraud victims are, and how it is essential for them to work with a company that has a clean, clear and transparent background. Therefore, we treat each case with a very personalized approach, insuring that, our customers are going to be satisfied during, and at the end of our work.

It inspires us when reading positive reviews and articles about our success and we'll be happy to one day to see your positive feedback as well. RefundBud’s team of top legal minds makes us known for winning cases of different kinds of cybercrime, for instance, financial frauds (such as trading, crypto, tax, lottery, etc.) and romance scams; therefore, when choosing us, rest assured, you will be provided with the best service possible.

  • We will let you know! By submitting for a case for free, you will provide us with enough information regarding your case for our lawyers to determine whether we can accept it. This process insures that clients won’t pay for a service they don’t need!
  • We aren’t afraid to say no! In some cases, due to insufficient documents or proofs, our lawyers find it nearly impossible to win a case. In such occasions, we will simply reject your case. This will save you a lot of time and will help you to move on. Most importantly, you won’t pay anything if your case gets rejected.
  • Our professionals will tailor the most cost and time-effective plan to handle your case. That is precisely what makes our success rate on accepted cases exceed 91%.

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The time it takes to achieve a settlement varies from one case to another. This is largely depends on the case's age, difficulty, and type of evidence, etc. Some cases are completed within 1-3 months, and others may take longer depending on what was mentioned earlier.

Nevertheless, We are aware that clients who reach out to us are mostly in a very difficult financial situation, and having a speedy financial recovery is in their priority. Therefore, our professionals insure to do whatever is possible to reach success and have the client’s financial life stitched back together.

No lawyer can ethically guarantee a result, and you shouldn't believe anyone who does. However, we can guarantee our best effort, transparency, honesty and professionalism while handling your case.

Have you applied for a case yet?

As harsh as this my sound, move on. Moving on, sometimes, is the only thing left to do.

The best way to begin is to apply for a case and to submit all relevant documents. Then we’ll contact you to sign you up for your free consultation.

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